2018-2019 Info

japanese mealDear Student and Parents:

The student trip to Kofu, Japan, is one of the most enriching, educational experiences offered to students through the Des Moines Public Schools.

Because of the high interest in this program and the limited number of participants, we use a rigorous process to choose students who will gain the most from the trip and be outstanding representatives.

Applications are scored on the basis of originality, creativity, and completeness. Points are awarded to students whose families have hosted Japanese students during prior summer visits and those who commit to host in 2019.  An effort also is made to select students who represent all areas of the district. We attempt to get a good balance of students by age but lean toward the older students because of fewer opportunities to apply if they are not selected.

Twenty-four students will be selected for the trip, which is scheduled for Friday, May 31st 2018 through Tuesday, June 11th, 2019.  The estimated cost will be $3500 per student.

Required sessions will be held before we leave on the trip. We have high expectations during those meetings, including the following: attendance/punctuality, homework completion, exemplary behavior, interpersonal skills, and openness to the unfamiliar (people, food, places, customs). Students also must maintain a good academic performance and good behavior in school. Students not meeting these requirements will not go on the trip.

The student application process is currently open. Visit the application process page for a link to the application and additional info.


Amy Abler

Japan Exchange Supervisor