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Welcome to the Kofu School Exchange Program!

Iowa and Yamanashi became Sister States in 1960 – the first Sister State relationship between the United States and Japan. Over the years, Des Moines Public Schools has built a special relationship with the people and schools of Kofu, Yamanashi’s capital city. The exchange began in 1983, making it one of the longest running student exchanges in America.

This trip has a lasting impact on all who travel! Be a part of a strong community of adults and students alike who have participated in this extremely unique journey. Generations of DMPS families have ties to this program and to their Japanese hosts for years to come. After a brief hiatus, both school districts – Des Moines & Kofu – cannot wait to resume this enduring partnership!

Students will leave early June, right at the end of the school year! What a way to celebrate 2021/2022!

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