Here are some responses to frequently asked questions:

Q:  Who are the chaperones and how are they chosen?

A:  The chaperones are chosen from Des Moines Public School employees.  Each interviews for his or her position with the supervisor, Amy Abler.


Q: What is the cost of this trip?

A: An estimated cost of this trip is $3,500.


Q:  Can the cost for the program be split into payments or is it due at the time of the application?

A:   The cost can be divided into six payments, with the first payment due in January.


Q:  What nights does the group meet to prepare for the trip?

A:  Over several weeks, the group will meet to discuss the trip preparations, as well as to practice for a group performance. Those dates and times will be determined after all participants have been selected.


Q:  Does the group participate in any fundraising activities?

A:  The Exchange does not sponsor any formal fundraising activities, however each year, many families collaborate to raise money.  Activities have included selling Younkers coupons, working at ICubs or hockey food stands, and selling candy bars.  One student hosted two yard sales and raised the money for her trip.


Q: Does my family have to host?

A: Yes. Your family will be asked to host at least one student in August when the Kofu students come to Des Moines. If you cannot host, you will be expected to find a suitable host family as a replacement.