2021-2022 Info

japanese mealDear Students and Families:

The student trip to Kofu, Japan, is one of the most enriching, educational experiences offered to students through the Des Moines Public Schools.

Because of the rich history of the program, the traditionally high interest in this opportunity, and the limited number of participants, we do all we can to choose students who will gain the most from the trip and be outstanding ambassadors. An effort also is made to select students from schools across the district to ensure inclusivity and community-building among the ambassadors. We attempt to get a good balance of students by age but lean toward the older students with fewer years to apply.

Twenty-four students will be selected for the trip, which will be scheduled for the end of the 2021/2022 school year.  The estimated cost will be $3500 per student.

Required sessions will be held before we leave on the trip. We work on building community, deepening our relationships with one another, being punctual and present, adaptability, cultural awareness, and demonstrating a commitment to personal growth in the areas of self and social awareness.

Visit the application process page for a link to the application and additional info.


Amy Cummings