Application Process

So you are thinking about going to Kofu? Fantastic. Here are the steps you will take to apply for this exchange program:

  1. Talk with your family. Take a look at the information offered on this website, specifically the information about the trip. Have a discussion with your family to determine if this opportunity is something you should take advantage of.

  2. Line up your references. During the application process you will be asked to supply the email address of 3 references, two former or current teachers and one building principal. Be sure to speak with these individuals about your desire to apply for this trip PRIOR to applying. They will receive emails as soon as you submit your application.

  3. Apply! Click on the “Student Application” link. There are a list of questions that you will be asked in the application. It is recommended that you brainstorm your responses prior to filling out the application. You will need to complete the entire application in one sitting and WILL NOT be able to save your progress. Once you are ready to go, click on the link and start the application.

  4. Wait. The hardest step in the entire process!

If you have any additional questions about the application process, expectations, or anything else, contact Amy Abler